Business Branding and Graphic Design

A collection of logos and marks that were designed for branding/rebranding local businesses. Each one of these started  off in a sketchbook, or on a post-it note, and miraculously made its way to my computer. This is where they are brought to life with vector magic. A great hand full of the work below was hand lettered and custom crafted to properly fit the aesthetic needs of the client

Real Eyes Optometry 
Branding and Logo Design, Content Creation

Fringe Percussion
Wall Art

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Wood Working and Design  
Branding and Logo Design

 Branch Branding: Logo Creation

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Personal Floatation Device 
Branding and Logo Design

Water Apparel and Fashion

Puddle Jumpers
Vancouver's First Girls Robotics Team, 2021

International Dodgeball League
Corporate Branding, Logo Creation, T-Shirt Designs

Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble
Music Society Branding, Concert Advertising


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